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We Connect Psychology is a boutique psychology practice. We provide personalised support to help you to reach your therapeutic goals. Services are provided via Telehealth or Face to Face from our Rose Bay Office.

At ‘We Connect Psychology’, we are passionate about assisting clients feel supported to reach their therapeutic goals. We understand it may be difficult to receive therapeutic support, especially if your trust has been broken in the past. We aim to develop a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship with clients, allowing them to feel comfortable to receive psychological support.

Recent update: We Connect has opened an online branch called ePsychology. Originally established in 2017 ePsychology offers experienced psychological services to young people, adults and families via telehealth services including instant chat, video calls, and phone calls. We aim to use modern software to protect clients accessing Telehealth service. ePsychology supports people from anywhere in Australia and has also been used for international clients. Check out Telehealth for more information.

"A life lived well is all about connection including good relationships with oneself, families, friends and communities."

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