In the age of Instagram and Facebook why is it that affirmations have been spreading?

The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”

Affirmations help strengthen our thoughts by rewiring our brain. In therapy I recommend some clients use affirmations as a strategy to assist them to reach their desired goal including improving their mental health. When looking for an affirmation I suggest finding something that connects with you. Sometimes affirmations that are overly positive may not feel right and in these situations finding a neutral statement may work better. Once you have found an affirmation that works for you save it as a lock screen on your phone or print it out and put them around your house.

Comedian Sandra Bezzi has shared her story about affirmations with the ‘We Connect’ community.

Words from Sandra Bezzi….

For the longest time I have been struggling against the dark inner voice, the perceptions and conclusions I come to when I am at my lowest. It was at one of my darker moments, when a friend suggested Affirmations, “Write down some affirmations and stick them around your mirror”.

That was 7 years ago, and I have collected quite a number of affirmations since.

  • The world is my source!
  • I’ve written down wonderful quotes that I’ve heard.
  • Screenshots of a cute Instagram posts.
  • Pinterest!!!

I am tickled by the visual aspect of online affirmations, and enjoy printing them out and laminating them. I keep them all in a box, and swap them around when I need refreshed positivity. I often pick out something that applies to a present struggle I may be facing in my life.

Words are powerful; they can hurt us, and they can uplift us. When you are struggling, the words you start using are negative, and your self-talk language can become hateful and damaging.

It’s been 7 years since my first affirmation, and looking back I can reflect on how far I have progressed in my own self-talk. These days I am far kinder and easier on myself, and I remember affirmations before jumping into a negative thought pattern.

It’s a lovely feeling to read something that empowers you, you carry that with you. I have had family and friends comment on my affirmation walls. I have one at home and one at I work. It’s not something I keep hidden, or that I am ashamed of. I have it on display for all to enjoy. Because if it can help me, maybe these words might help someone else too.


Sandra’s favourite affirmation (not pictured, but forever in my heart) – ‘Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.’


Kelly Grlyak

Kelly Grlyak

Founder at ‘We Connect Psychology’ Registered Psychologist